About Goalite

At Goalite, we empower people to pursue their greatest dreams and turn them into fulfilling reality.


Welcome to Goalite, your trusted partner in transforming dreams into reality. Founded in 2022 by Michael Gillett, Goalite is a revolutionary platform designed to help you plan, track, and fulfil your goals, no matter how big or small.

Our story began with Michael's simple yet powerful idea - to turn dreams into reality. When working with his wife, Sangeeta, on setting their own goal he noticed a lack of comprehensive tools that could help individuals effectively track, plan, and collaborate on their goals. Determined to bridge this gap and supported by Sangeeta, Michael embarked on a journey to create a tool that would not only aid in achieving his personal and career goals but also assist others in realizing their dreams.

During the development of Goalite, Michael delved into the realm of personal development and success, both in personal life and at work. His research led him to the works of renowned thought leaders like Simon Sinek and James Clear, whose philosophies have greatly influenced the foundations of Goalite.

Today, Goalite is a global platform, assisting dreamers around the world in turning their aspirations into reality. Whether it's planning an exotic holiday, improving fitness, writing a first book, or buying a new home, Goalite is there every step of the way. We help you break down your dream into achievable steps, track your progress, keep you motivated, and ultimately, assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

Our team, a passionate group of individuals who share our vision, is dedicated to helping you turn your greatest dreams into a fulfilling reality. We're constantly expanding and innovating to cater to everyone's personal, life, and career goals.

Join the Goalite community today, create your goals, and share your feedback to help us make Goalite even more awesome. With Goalite, you'll discover an easy and clear way to plan, track, and achieve your goals. So why wait? Get started today and start smashing your goals!